Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Less Controversial Way to Stop Dessertification?

During his 2013 TED talk Allan Savory suggests that the best way to reverse desertification is to use livestock to mimic traditional herds of animals to turn over the soil. Savory completely believes in his method, called holistic management, and advocated for this solution about all others.

While many notable scientists and public figures side with his suggestion there are those that are hesitant about accepting this method hole heartedly. Some scientists point out that the methods have not been replicated in enough climates to ensure success while others doubt the significance of improvement in production. Others protest to the suggested 400% increase in livestock, citing issues with methane production and water quality. There are certainly many factors and consequences to consider before using this method on a large scale.

I think maybe finding a substitute for livestock to turn over the soil would be a good alternative that would have less unintended consequences. Savory said himself at the beginning of the talk that technology was certainly the way that we would stop using fossil fuels. While his solution is cost effective, perhaps a method a bit more high-tec would be better.

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